3rd person present: swoons

To literary faint, especially from extreme emotion.
To be overcome with admiration, adoration, or other strong emotion.

SWOONS offers a heartfelt curation of luxurious crafted products, made with integrity and passion. Garments, ceramics, prints, art, scents, accessories and books carefully chosen to present a universe in which we dream to live. 
A modern renaissance. 

We dream of a future where the highest value is one that is humane, where we strive to build a sustainable foundation for all beings. Where the goal is to produce from a base of human emotion and realism. In order to affect literature, music, craft, philosophy, art, politics, science and other aspects of intellectual inquiry. 

Our intent is to move and inspire our customers with every item stocked in our store. All well crafted products have a story and we wish to tell you these storiesthrough our universe — we want each individual to swoon.

SWOONS philosophy is one of reverence for the community that raises us, the relationships that nurtures us and the individuals that educates us. We are all learning. Collaboration is reconnecting to the integrity of local and global engagement. Returning to deliberate, intentional crafts(wo)manship, the road we are paving flows towards longevity. Appreciate processes that are transparent, inclusive and unbounding in their potential.